Champagne FALLET DART 2 rue du Clos du Mont
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Monday to Saturday 9am to 12noon; 2pm to 6pm. Closed Sundays and French holidays.

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Varieties and Styles

Here you will find our five varieties and styles of Champagne, our Ratafia liqueur, and our two fine spirits. Each of these wines has their own personalities from distinctly different processes of production, assembly and aging.


Cuvée de Reserve
Our classic from the berry typical of the Marne Valley, Pinot Meunier
Grande Sélection
The charm of Pinot Noir...
Rosé Brut
An experience far beyond the color...
Millésime Brut
Captures the unique character of our finer Vintages…
Les Clos du Mont
Derived from our most exceptional soil
Fine de la Marne
A delicate spirit aged several years in oak barrels.
Marc de Champagne
A spirit of unique character!
Ratafia Réserve
Liqueur made from freshly squeezed grape juice and distilled champagne

Updated on 23/07/2012