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Monday to Saturday 9am to 12noon; 2pm to 6pm. Closed Sundays and French holidays.

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Care and Serving Suggestions

Our champagnes are always delivered at the top of their potential, fitting companions for your celebrations and your achievements.As an ambassador of the house for honored guests, loved ones and close friends, here are a few suggestions for the care and serving our champagnes...

  • Store the champagne horizontally in a cool, dark place. The bottle is kept in the horizontal position throughout the aging process in order to keep the cork in contact with the wine.
  • Champagne is ideally served at a temperature of 6 to 7 ° C (42 to 45 ° F). A good way to achieve this temperature is to cool the bottle in a bucket containing water and ice for three quarters of an hour.
  • It is best to serve our wines in narrow, slender glasses that were wiped dry by hand, which will help promote a necklace of beautiful tiny bubbles. One bottle will fill about eight glasses.
  • For dessert, we recommend you use a semi-dry champagne.

All of us at Fallet-Dart wish you the very best and look forward to being part of the special moments of your life ...

Updated on 23/07/2012